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While sis-in-law Divya bordered on a WTHeyyy, Tulsi went one step ahead and committed one!

Wasn’t the Ed Hardy tee enough? Did we really need the rhinestone logo? That too on both arms!


Tulsi Kumar at Agam Nigam’s Album Launch


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  1. hopefully i’m first :P

    divya and tulsi always come off as trying too hard. that they just want everyone to know, that what they’re wearing is designer.

    hence they never look effortless. a look that some people have perfected.
    they always come out looking tacky

  2. I agree with Belle, I’ve also noticed that everything they wear has some sort of designer emblem on it (e.g. Divya and Fendi in her last few posts)…..so basically they want everyone to know that they got the moolah to buy designer. but what they don’t seem to realize is that you need to know the art of putting it together so you don’t end up looking like you;re trying to hard….and in they’re case they just don’t got a clue!! Somebody needs to send them a link to this site like ASAP!

  3. pairing formalish sandals with jeans of the wrong length and an ed hardy tee does NOT qualify as an outfit you can wear to an event! why oh why do people not understand things like these :-/


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