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It seems like Rekha has ditched the sari for good these days and while I’d like to say that’s a good thing, from the look of things, it doesn’t seem so.

Do we have our first WTHeyyy of 2017? You tell us!


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. nothing is working for her here.. black and the layers of clothing is doing nothing to her body.. is it a dress with leggings , kurti with leggings .. cant really understand the outfit. and whats with those turbans ..she has a thing for those .. complete bonkers !!

  2. Excuse me, this particular lady can wear whatever the hell she wants, and the rest of us are going to be fine with it. Keep on keeping on, Ms. R!

  3. I love Rekha in silk sarees. Over the top at times but would still prefer those saree looks over this. As someone mentioned above, yes she has a thing for turbans. One can check her editorial pics where she can be seen wearing lots of them. As for confidence, this one is a case of being over confident which ultimately ends up looking WTHeyyy!!

  4. I can’t say this is a WTHEY – she has the fashion chops to pull this off. Yes, there is an element one too many and the look could improve with some editing… but can’t hate. She is the ultimate fashion diva.

  5. I LOVE it!!! This is true spunk. How many of us dress the way we went to, to make ourselves happy, regardless of rules or the fashion police? She shows us how.

  6. I am Madam Re, I don’t follow no rules!

    I don’t mind that she’s wearing a turban but why is this turban winding around her neck and becoming a scarf ?? >)

  7. To me, among all the women, she is and will always be the alma mater of fashion. Yes, indeed what she has worn is kind of too many things, but I am glad (as a Rekha fan) that she didn’t try to look like being in 30s or so. Maybe its also because of the cold weather??? However, by making this appearance, as a Rekha fan, she has surprised me like never before, so much so that I am opening every link where I can see more of her at the DB Calendar Launch, 2017.

    Way to go Rekhaji, please keep working. God Bless

  8. Very cool, holding her own with such aplomb. Not trying like a lot of other Bollywood ladies of a certain vintage who try and truss themselves into ungainly gowns n dresses just to be seen as being with it.

  9. I like some elements of her outfit but I think the proportions are off. Either pair the unstructured jacket with something structured underneath like a silk blouse and cigarette pants or pair the unstructures dress/kurta + leggings with a more structured/fitted jacket. Love the turban and the rest of the look – she so fierce!


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