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At the Midday Jagran 100 Million Hearts Party, Kangana was seen in a Gucci Spring 2016 runway look. Ms. Ranaut can pull off a lot of things but this definitely wasn’t one of them. As vibrant as this collection was, not every outfit was meant for a live appearance, this definitely being one of them.

The patterned suit with that pineapple tie looked like it belonged on a clown channeling a matador.

Didn’t think we’d see Ms. Ranaut do a WTHeyyy, but it is what it is.


Kangana Ranaut at Midday Jagran 100 Million Hearts Party

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  1. It is indeed a double WTHEYYY. And i think P&P you have put it in the politest way possible there is nothing NASTY about your write up.
    I am only afraid that even a meek bull may gore her for displaying this ridiculous taste in clothing in public.

  2. It is bizarre but embraces world culture.
    Japanese Yakuza style snake tattoo.
    Hispanic floral motifs.
    Wall street ice blue corporate shirt
    Though can’t get a fix on that pineapple tie. Perhaps from a punch she got drunk on before donning this imbecility.

  3. Amongst all the laws being tabled in Parliament, the need of the hour is one, which penalizes in the severest possible manner – for unleashing sartorial horrors on unsuspecting citizens.

    • I am sure this is supposed to be in good humur but anything on curbing individual s freedom makes me cringe. Let people be free – speak , eat, wear whatever they want to. We are a blessed country and a blessed generation to be bestowed with democracy !

  4. Oh come on don’t be so harsh on her. She deserves some love to provide this colossal amount of amusement to ordinary people in such dreary times.
    The last straw would be some hare brained comment which would take off with, ‘I quite like this…’
    Man internet is so funny.

    • Hare brained comment? Last I checked, taste is subjective and there is nothing hare brained about liking or disliking a look.
      I love the new direction Gucci has taken and I love her guts for being able to translate it from runway to real life. Does it work? With some tweaks (like the removal of the pineapple tie), maybe.

  5. There is a lot going on here, besides gobs of money and poor taste like somebody pointed out.
    Arrogance that I can get away with anything, appropriateness be damned, a preoccupation with wanting to get noticed any which way and a puerile conformation to some delusional fashioinsta tag

  6. Now I didn’t see you on the trapeze, nor could I spot you in the ring, Kangana where were you?
    ‘Up on stage’, did you say? What exactly were you thinking?

  7. This is indeed a WTHey but it will be great if you girls can show the same candor while assessing some of the atrocities that ms. Sonam Kapoor sports! just saying..

  8. i SAW this in person, it’s way more hideous than in the pics. the fabric shone a lot and the flare at the bottom was too much and the pants were ridiculously high.

  9. One thing’s for sure. Kangana’s dress; it certainly is a miss. But HHC readers sure can wield a pen. Most comments are funnier than the outfit itself which is indeed a formidable task.

  10. oh my god…. the worst i have seen in a while … I’m sorry “It’s an ugly outfit and just cos it’s Gucci, it doesn’t mean it should be worshipped”. totally what i was thinking!! thank you

  11. This *might* have worked on Anusha Manchanda, the only person I can imagine carrying this off. Kangana is saying ‘Look at my expensive and devil-may-care outfit, ‘ rather than ‘Fashion is such fun’! Her personality is too fierce for such a light-hearted look.

  12. I think the outfit as-is on the model(runway) could possibly look good on someone who is a tad-bit taller than Kangana. Also, the look demands minimal makeup and middle parted sleek ponytail. The look could have looked better if those were cigarette pants and if the tie had no print at all or if she totally skipped the formal shirt and the tie for a plain eggshell colored tee.

    Now I understand “Gucci” has been trying to emphasize on mixing of variety of prints, but I am not very sure about the practicality of the whole outfit i.e. wearing of the tie along with the outfit.

    And if the stylist wanted her to wear the entire look as-is, then it should have been reserved for some other fun event.

  13. I think if she wanted to wear that. Just wearing those pants or that tie was enough to bring the quirky element. This is definitely what the hey look…

  14. I think if she wanted to bring the quirky element, just pairing the trousers or ties with something classic would have done that. As it is , it stands as What the Hey look. Agree!


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