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Menaka Guruswamy and Arundhati Katju, who are part of the 2019 Time 100 Most Influential list for their contribution into getting Sec 377 overturned, attended the Time 100 gala on Tuesday evening where Arundhati was seen wearing an Odisha Bichitrapuri sari featuring the double ikat pasapalli design.

You know we love a sari spotting on an international red carpet, but loving this one more so, cuz this one is from my state.

Menaka Guruswamy and Arundhati Katju

Photo Credit: Zimbio.com

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  1. Thank you ladies! Your re-imagination of the case strategy in getting actual LGBTQ citizens as petitioners helped overturn that abhorrent 2013 verdict. Arundhati looks lovely and Menaka looks sharp!

    • Actual LGBT persons were already petitioners, way before Menaka entered the case. If anyone should get this award, it should be Navtej Singh Johar, or the Judges, Naz Foundation lawyers.

      In fact; Menaka was the lawyer for one of the multiple petitions (a minor one at that) and is plain lucky to be featured on this list considering her lack of advocacy experience in the SC Or other Indian courts. I reckon her admirable networking skills and presence in the US would have contributed extensively.

      Many lawyers and petitioners from all over India, particularly New Delhi had been involved on this case tirelessly and selflessly for years, way before she decided to get involved – knowing presumably that the battle is half won already as the Government by then had already expressed its intention to not dispute the overturn.

      The only reason people are not happy with this ‘achievement’ is because she was galling enough to not thank a single colleague of hers, and acted as if she led the whole exercise, strategy, research at all. Rant over …

      Arundhati looks beautiful.

      • As a G in that LGBTQ, I agree. The prinipal petitioners including Mr. Navtej Singh Johar were the bravest. I simply meant as primary petitioners. In the previous case, Naz foundation was at the centre of it alongside relatives of the LGBTQ people. As far as Ms. Guruswamy is concerned, well she is currently on a tour across the States giving seminars alongside Arundhati. I guess that is her Columbia position working for her…..

  2. These two! Major love to them, regardless of what they wore. Sadly, literally no recognition in our media who seem to only want to talk politics of Bollywood couples! They looked amazing at the Time Gala.

  3. this is so so cool! in a world overrun by entertainment celebs (Ukraine prez anyone?) so very good to see these two leaders who lead real change. They’re fabulous — and they look it too!

  4. It is so good to see personalities outside of the film industry! It would be great if you could feature more such, both from India and the diaspora.

  5. Given that they are human first and LGBT later, they would i presume have all the vices of any of us. Wanting fame and recognition when it may or may not be deserved is one example. The petitioners are the true heroes in my book. I am glad they among and along with others fought for a good cause… Both look smashing and i love that you featured them.

  6. Based on the rejection of one of my comments on another post in the past, I thought only commentary on fashion was allowed…

  7. General Comment: Most of the times in recent years, when India reached a milestone, is has been because of the efforts of a woman. From legislation, sports and even celebrity splashing ….. these were women who chose to be their powerful selves over ‘innocent, naive, docile …… and may I add pretty to that list.
    If count the number of women who made India proud ….. it will a reassuringly long list.
    Yet, in movies we are continuously shoved down the age old ‘comfortable’ version of the Indian woman. The ‘haseena, chulbuli, nadan, but with sufficient latka and jhatkas. Why ? Yes there are exceptions but those exceptional movies and characters should be the norm. About time. Even if the film is not perfect, I would rather watch an interesting woman on screen than an inert one.


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