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This outfit may not be quite a WTHeyyy, but the oversized belt and the comb-over hair surely make us want to tag it as one!

As much as we love the Fendi B belt, this dress could have used a smaller black one to offset that print instead of the one seen on Divya. Perhaps, next time she’ll get it right! We hope!


Divya Khosla Kumar at Agam Nigam’s Album Launch


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  1. pretty face, banging body…such a pity she can never get it right!! abomination from top to bottom- the hair, jewelry, belt, shoes…all of it. The dress actually isn’t that bad is she wore a black belt with it. I am going to ignore Tulsi Kumar completely…agree with everyone else on her style or lack thereof. Money truly can’t buy stlye. Am sure Konkona Sen Sharma spends the least on her clothes amongst all these people and still manages to look smashing most of the time!!

  2. She has all the money in the world to hire the best stylists!! what’s going on here!!! and where is (dis)honorable mention of those hideous shoes!! i guess you guys must get tired of mentionning every single detail of this disaster. tsk tsk..i agree. what a pretty gal…such a waste… another wet seal shopper..heheheh…

  3. I saw few close ups of Divya in this gear and was shocked to notice she had bluish colored contacts on .
    Pn P include that pic of hers. It is LUDICROUS and wud be a good post for match much..

  4. this girl has a really pretty face but shes just swamped herself in ugly clothes and make up..its tragic the girl needs help big police where are you..yoohooooo


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