Sushmita on Cosmo: (Un)Covered

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The 16th anniversary cover of Cosmo India features Ms. Sen in a black Falguni and Shane Peacock dress. Movin’ along…

Sushmita Sen on Cosmopolitan India Oct 2012

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  1. I’m sorry, who? Looks like the mashed-up Parvathy Omanakuttan’s face with Sushmita’s, didn’t recognize her until I read the caption!

  2. That is NOT Sushmita Sen! The eyes have a fleeting resemblance to the real Ms. Sen. But what…where to begin…how bizarre do her arms look, especially the right one!

  3. Moving along is a good comment :)
    The photo shopping is so in your face (pun intended), they mightve as well just used her Ms Universe winning shot and done the viewers a favor. Atleast that picture would be true though dated.

    Her face looks completely different right to the smile and the hour glass carve out on her hips is plain idiotic…

    Photoshop should be banned, really!

  4. I bet her original face and figure are a zillion times better than this . . . seriously when did her arms and hands become this chubby ? :/

    *sadness* . . .

  5. If pictures of Sushmita and the likes can’t be put in public without photoshopping the hell out of them..then what about the rest of us?

  6. Yeah seriously this is a bad photo shop job. Why mess with the face. I get it sometimes you need to photo shop the belly or thigh but why face?!


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