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Didn’t we just post on how jumpsuits can be very hard to pull off? Case and point, Ms. Deepshika. I guess, the only positive factor about this outfit is that any hint of a camel-toe will be well hidden by the awful print!

Oh yeah, Mink is in this picture too dressed badly as usual!


P.S. You can see more images in our brand new “Photo Gallery” feature by clicking on “More”. Be sure to let us to know what you think of the new feature! Enjoy!

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  1. I just now took a closer look at Mink’s nails in one of the photos in the gallery. Truly a case of “Attack of the claws”. Black nail polish (which is funky and edgy except that in this case it looks matchy) on such looooooooong nails?????? oh my god!!!

  2. Priyanka/Payal – Feedback yaar! The gallery feature is good to have.. But, I think it wud be better if the pics in the slideshow have buttons to slow down/fasten up the slide show… But good idea to have things/applications added to the website.. :) Cheers!


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