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In Degrees

This is the least ‘WTHEyyyish’ we’ve seen Mink look in the longest time… it doesn’t mean its good, only what we said, less ‘wthey’ than the last time, or two. :)

At Big FM
At Vegetarian Congress

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Didn’t we just post on how jumpsuits can be very hard to pull off? Case and point, Ms. Deepshika. I guess, the only positive factor about this outfit is that any hint of a camel-toe will be well hidden by the awful print!

Oh yeah, Mink is in this picture too dressed badly as usual!


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I have been laughing so hard looking at this picture that I practically have tears in my eyes!

Me thinks, Mink might be the follower of the adage that any publicity is good publicity! How else do we explain this!?


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