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On one side we have Mink wearing a black and white checked shirt paired with a denim skirt and brown cowboy boots and on the other we have Poonam in a shiny shiny sari.

I can’t decide who was more of an eyesore!

Mink, Harry Anand Party
Poonam Dhillon, Mission Istanbul Promo Event

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  1. Its a crime 2 even put dese pics on ur blog…….u can b sued for causing blindness, cataract and conjuctivitis. ;)

  2. Can someone please update me on what Poonam is doing at all these promotional events? I mean I didn’t see her for years and now she is everywhere..

  3. At least Poonam has made a name for herself in the big screen, and needs to learn to dress up like La Tagore, subtle and understated….she is a lovely lady…just very very poor dress sense.

    On the other hand who is MINK??? What is her claim to fame, except two bit roles in some 5 movies, she has been a struggling wanna be for the past 12 years, and people have joined the industry after her and gone past her over the years, please put people who matter, the movers and shakers of the fashion industry, the new newsy, juicy ones…not some bollyowood extra with bad dress sense, non career and bad legs in white tights.

  4. He He He He ! Both to be sent for Red & White Bravery awards. He he they must have my sense of humour to get out dressed like that. He he


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