An Almost Ditto!

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The gold neck/sleeves details on Zarine and Neeta’s outfits made us think we had ourselves a Ditto. While it wasn’t quite one, you’ve got to agree that neither made for a very pretty picture either in their Almost Ditto dress.

The dress material and the camera flashes did Zarine in. As for Neeta, pairing the long dress with those wide pants was a really bad choice but wearing the dress over it, worse. Heck, even a shorter kurta would’ve worked better.

Question now is, who fared worse?

Left: Zarine Khan at Dabangg Premiere
Right: Neeta Lulla at Pearls Wave Concert

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I think the wide pants and dress look could have worked on someone with a better figure and hair. Some more pep and young..
    Dont think its a disaster in theory..

  2. Oh Dear God, don’t these people look at themselves in the mirror before they leave the house? Zarine should be the last person to wear a tight dress with a high collar. The less said about Neeta Lulla the better.

  3. The empress’ new clothes..this designer has fooled everyone with her brand. What next, latex poured on body with a touch of zari? That could be a designer original. Zarine looks like one of the inflatable dolls.

  4. one thing of 90s i neva want to come back is those cotton parallel pants…
    uggghhh i hate them with passion…
    makes women look very unflattering…
    n looking at mrs lulls makes me wonder wat was she thinking??
    n who made her a fashion designer….
    toba toba!!!!

  5. When I see Ms Lulla, I wonder why the heck is she a fashion designer? I mean who on earth decided that it was ever ok to pair a black dress and a salwar kammez??? And the bangs must be some addiction like Anna Wintour is addicted to sunglasses.


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