Ruffle These Feathers

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A ruffle-skirt for Rani and a ruffle-shirt for Shweta… Whose take on the Ruffle do you prefer?

P.S. Rani was in BCBG. Thanks “Monika” for the ID.

Left: Rani Mukherjee At ‘No One Killed Jessica‘ Promotion
Right: Shweta Salve At The Den Bash

Left: Rani Mukherjee At ‘No One Killed Jessica‘ Promotion
Right: BCBG Two Toned Dress

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Rani wins this one for me ….

    Shweta looks nice but her outfit is pretty standard – ruffled white shirt with fitted black skirt
    On the other hand, i like the structure of Rani’s skirt. But the beads were not necessary.

  2. Ruffle shirt on Shweta .
    Rani’s shirt button is abt to pop & I do that liek that necklace, nor the sleeves of that shirt……….what a downgrade from her lovely black saree

  3. Rani looks smart, though nothing outstanding about the look. the pearls try their best to ruin it though. a simple bracelet wud have added more to the outfit. Shweta looks pretty, ordinary.

  4. god!!!!!! rani is looking totally faaaaaaabulous!!! for the first time in my life…i’m seeing her so uber-stylish…..well….u know who my vote goes to…..

  5. rani all the way
    except for the slight gathering on her bust area
    i must her her whole turning over an understated leaf thing is such an improvement

  6. Even if the ruffled skirt is an eyesore – rani pulls it off fabulously. She looks great, and has a look on her face that says she knows she looks good!!

  7. hi ..want lil help ..just bought this black n gray shimmery longg jersey top that i want to wear as a dress..any ideas..was wondeing abt sheer black stockingss n boots-if at all what length? any suggestions would help ..thanks…

    • P&P: here’s an idea. Like Gallery, start a Q&A section where your readers can post fashion queries and have others (and maybe even you) answer. Promise pageviews will multiply!

    • thats a gud look! :)
      boots shud be atleast till the knee… not 3/4 … they cut your legs short.
      and depending upon the kind of neck the jersey has… wear ginormous earrings :) or only bangles in 1 hand…

    • yes, black stockings or leggings with boots would look good. If you are a tall person, you can wear flat boots to go with it (i would think gray boots)
      If you are short, i would do a sexy shiny high heel boots, knee high. Between stockings and black boots your legs wont look short and the heels will add nice silhouette.
      Feel free to add a belt if you feel the need for it or skip the belt and add a long black chain.

  8. Rani always looks uncomfortable in western clothes. The beads are not helping her either. Between the twon, Shweta definitely fares much better.

  9. I think for shweta, the angle of the photo is bad…its like from higher up…plus those shoes kill it for her…and a neat pony would have done so much for this look.

    As it is i like Rani. Love the smile on her face !


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