Sonam at IIFA 2009: Day Two

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Unlike Bipasha, Sonam did much better on the green carpet than on the runway. Her black dress paired with the fish trinket necklace was one of the better outfits seen on day two. But, I do think she could have done better in the shoe department. The feather detail Louboutins didn’t quite gel with this dress.

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Left: Sonam Kapoor at IIFA 2009: Fashion Extravaganza
Top Right: Salvatore Ferragamo Patent Bow Clutch
Below Right: Christian Louboutin Rosazissimo Satin Sandals


Sonam Kapoor for Anamika Khanna at IIFA 2009: Fashion Extravaganza

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  1. she looks absolutely stunning on the green carpet…love the necklace with the dress… the pose on the ramp is a bit awkward but she is looking good..

  2. aaaaaaaaaaaaand the confidence is back :)
    honestly, more than anything else, I feel like that the confidence is what helps Sonam pull of the clothes. Despite the fact that I really don’t love anything neck down (other than the clutch…yummm) she looks good.
    Sigh, Anamika Khanna, why do your clothes looks so wierd on anyone who is not toothpick skinny. A toned belly would have helped, but I’m no one to argue.

  3. OMG… wow…. how stunning does she look like on the runway? Whether its the million bucks smile, her hair, the dark red lippie… she’s b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!

    I know those who question Sonam’s fashionista tag, are rolling their eyes thinking I’m exaggerating. :P But just LOOK AT HER! she’s so well put together. Love the hair-do at the green carpet too.

  4. love the way she experiments with her hair alot, is hard to do with such thick long hair, but she makes it look effortless.

    overall looking FAB today.

    even on the runway, facewise she looked stunnig.

  5. nope, not loving the runway or the other look either.. hate the belt on the ghagra.. and hate the way how unpressed that dress looks.. infact the material is very bad, as per me.. makes it look like it was stitched last minute

  6. I don’t like either outfit. The black dress is a weird length and does not flatter her legs. Plus the fabric looks really cheap. The accessories are not right – the jewelry is too heavy for this look, the bag looks like tacky vinyl and the shoes are just too much. Why all black? Too matchy.

    The runaway outfit looks like a costume from a movie.

    Sorry, but she struck out with these looks.

    The only positives are her hair and makeup.

  7. Its not amanikas best creation but theres some feature that i cant really pin point which stands out about it…
    Sonam’s looking fab!

  8. black and gold always a favorite! i do think theres too much going on with the dress detail and necklace and the shoe – maybe the simple black loubs wud have been better..

    i really like the anamika khanna outfit..except i wish the lehenga was full length

  9. u guys are sooo funny man! always defendinn her. love? others get like and she gets LOVE? u’d say one bad thing about her then many good (according to u) things to cover up. the only reason i dont like her is her attitude and people who love her make me hate her even more. the third pic is the funniest pic ive seen in ages!!

  10. The dress is a vintage and I love it on her. I want to know where the fish necklace is from? It’s a great piece. Her hair and make up stunning!!

  11. I htink this girl has gotten the idea of being confident totally wrong…confidence of this sort is a sheet to hide very apparent insecurity

  12. yea the black look is not bad…..

    but hehhee…. look at the runaway outfit :P
    Even her attitude wont stop people from cracking up at it…
    its a funny look…. but i really appreciate her for keeping up that smile on her face like “I-think-i-am-looking-pretty”

  13. And I quote the comment by “preeths”
    “err…someone said slight paunch???
    doesnt look slight to me from any sense :P”

    I wonder the same…

  14. She looks good, although I would have preferred without the gold bracelet and a different clutch. I like the runaway look, minus the gold belt. Keep it up Anamika Khanna!

  15. The runway outfit is ridiculous..wats dat? A lehenga with a belt? And wats wid those cinderella style frills at the bottom. U’ve gotta be kidding me!

  16. I love her look in the black dress….the dress, the necklace, the shoes…all stunning!
    Not liking the runway look one bit though…who would wear a lehnga with a belt and the length is just weird. But herself does look good tho

  17. wow..i hate the dress but i really have to applaud sonam for being so different and trying out differnt pieces of jewellery and clothes instead of sticking to one type of accessories or designer or style..she is the first true fashionista ,diva of the hindi film industry..hope more start to explore fashion like her

  18. Its tough man..I love the necklace and the dress is not bad…I think it works (the hesitance comes from the dress’s upper portion with its complicated draping clashing with a statement necklace)

    The other accessories however need to be understated…so no bows and no feathers.


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