Hrithik and Suzanne at IIFA 2009: Fashion Extravaganza

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Hrithik and Suzanne walked the runway at the IIFA 2009 Fashion Extravaganza where they both displayed jewellery by Suzanne’s sister Farah Ali Khan. Suzanne wore a red strapless Manav Gangwani gown and while I think there was way too much red going on with her outfit, one look at Hrithik and I have no complains!

What is going on with Hrithik, yo! Somebody gift him a Gilette Mach-4 already! (Or whatever his shaving kit of choice is.)

Check out new pictures from the IIFA 2009 Fashion Extravaganza at The Gallery.


Suzanne Khan and Hrithik for Farah Ali Khan at IIFA 2009: Fashion Extravaganza


Suzanne Khan and Hrithik for Farah Ali Khan at IIFA 2009: Fashion Extravaganza


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  1. ewwww…he looks like he’s been stranded on an island for everal weeks :/
    He’s downing in the suit and the hair (everywhere)

  2. I never though I would say this about Hrithik Roshan but he looks cheesy here.. and Suzanne looks plain tacky..

    PnP: your subtitles still say Sonam Kapoor.. No way that bearded guy up there is Sonam:-)

  3. for thefirst time ever suzanne looks hundred times better than hrithik!! and thats a very bad thing for him as her outfit is an eye sore.

  4. This is his look in Kites.

    BTW, PnP, what color shoes would you have suggested with that red dress? I’m thinking black/beige/silver/gold.

  5. aaaaaaarrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhh!!! this just demonstrates the truly evil powers of facial fur: it can even turn a TOTAL greek god like HR into a complete dweeb. And if it can do this to hrithik how does a mere mortal stand a chance? Indian men everywhere should see this and rush to their shaving kits. Im sick and tired of every man in the country sporting a mouch and pretending it does not make him look totally ridiculous.

  6. Hrithik needs a shave asap!! Why hide the chikna chehra under that mess.

    Suzanne’s gown is nice but for the satiny kind of shimmer, which is never good. But the gown fits her very well.

    It’s nice to see them hand in hand everywhere…

  7. Payal, both captions suggest that it’s Sonam in the pictures.. but it’s Suzaane.. and they’re on the runway for Farah, not for Anamika

  8. oh man matchy matchy to the extreme
    i love red but such a bright red dress with red shoes and a red clutch

    but yeah…whats with the demi god roshan
    when abhishek finally decides to shave, hrithik stops
    maybe they share their mach 4

  9. oh also – can i say i kinda like the gown and her neck showing with the necklace.. the necklace is nice.. but her neck by itself with the red strapless looks better!

  10. Payal, the figure captions are not right (says Sonam).

    Totally agree, too red and shiny. And Hrithink…he is a far cry from how he looked earlier….what up with this facial hair and that hairstyle ?

  11. i dont mind hrithiks facial hair but its the untamed hair that is bothering me

    BUT even if he was a grisly bear, i still prefer him to the matching monstrosity next to him..

  12. The satiny fabric of her dress is clinging to her legs. That looks really tacky. She should have gotten some sort of lining fabric to keep the dress from sticking to her like that.

  13. guess what I heard: apparently @ cannes, an internation film agent spotted hrithik and thought he resembled mel gibson in passion of the christ with his beard. Guess that’s why he’s clinging on to the facial fluff. Pretty pathetic me thinks. BTW preeths LOL…ur comment was totally hilarious


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