On An Aside: Shilpa In Cosmopolitan

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The April edition of Cosmopolitan is out with Shilpa Shetty on its cover in PUMA sportswear.

You can catch the online edition here.


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. ohmigod! i have never found a fouler look on Shilpa than this…what’s up with the undies/shorts with the top? it really doesn’t work..if the top was slightly longer, it would make a nice tennis dress…this is too wierd! she’s even wearing an expression that says “why am i doing this?”

  2. that’s supposed to be sportswear? HA!

    Actually, the top is kinda cute, but they DO NOT go with the shorts…they look more like boyshorts

    Shilpa’s body is looking gooooood though..but her expression is kinda blank :|

  3. Shilpa Shetty always looks exactly the same no matter what shes wearing – same makeup, same hair, same expression. No matter if its a wedding, sportswear or if she just got out of bed!

  4. This is so not sporty. Too much makeup, hair totally wrong and dark nail paint. She could’ve worn a couture gown with that hair and makeup. And the shorts….they absolutely don’t go with the top. WEIRD.

  5. yes…i agree with J. weird is the word. what look were they trying to give her? a sporty one or a seductive one with oriental detailing on the shorts? the final result is pretty confused.

  6. The headline says recession-Proof: and shilpa’s look is based on that..she was only able to afford the top and paired it with silk boxer shorts.

  7. ok guys tell me something…why does she have to always wear the plungiest neckline, the tightest fits and the shortest clothes….okay okay she has a great body..we get it…stop rubbing it in our faces.

  8. Ummm what is wrong with this picture? It’s like her favorite cute little tennis dress shrunk in the wash and she didn’t realize it unil someone whispered to her, “OMG Shilp! (lol I imagine this to be her nickname) Your undies are showing!!” And she goes, “Shh, I’m trying to pose here!”

    This really seems to be the only explanation for this,

  9. I can’t figure out the connection between the long ugly top with red oriential underwear, I think if she would have wore something red, maybe a simple tank top in red it would have looked way better, the top is really ugly and underware is even more no no, but shilpa is still rocken

  10. I saw that issue on the stands and I couldn’t believe they could go so wrong with something as simple as sportswear! The combination is ghastly. And Shilpa adds nothing to the clothes just as the clothes don’t add to her looks.


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