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After seeing many well-made Dolce and Gabbana corset dresses, on any other day we might have hated this corset-inspired dress on Amisha but not today. Someone outdid her and nop, not in a good way either! You’ll have to check inside as to who did the honors.


Amisha Patel at Triumph Lingerie Show

We don’t know what’s worse, the dress itself, the bad fit, or the distinct tan lines along the ankles. She could have worn pants and still made it work but guess it was her turn to be a ‘WTHeyyy’ today. :)


Sania Mirza at Triumph Lingerie Show

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  1. Gosh…looking at Sania wants me to throw up. Sorry…thats how awful the look is. And somebody pls tell me why her legs are of a different color only till ankles….is she wearing something?

  2. Ameesha – This is exactly how I look before any holiday party.. When I wear my ” Motapa Huggers”. The only difference is I wear the actual dress on top of this…

    As for Sania – I think she is is wearing her inner wear on top of her top. I think she is inspired by super man here because the difference between a super man and a normal man is- the super man wears his underwear on top of his pants !

    (Just kidding … Just kidding ! I will give Sania, benefit of doubt because she is more of a sports person than in the glam business)

  3. hahahahahaha!!!! I was going to comment on Ameesha, but got totally distracted by the…..well, i’m not sure what to call this…..i’m actually lost for words!!

  4. Sania’s outfit is so tight on her. She has an athlete’s body but this dress makes her look BIG with a gut. Feel bad for Sania. But I’m glad Amisha’s not in the “WTHeyyy” category this time! I guess there is hope for her!

  5. big busted girls NEVER look good in a bustier corset dress….D&G or not!! why must ms. patel always insist on tasteless exhibitionism????
    will excuse sania her weird tanning situation…gotta give the girl props for having a life that consists of things other than fashion :-)

  6. Eeeks, but I have rarely seen Sania well dressed. In any case, satiny stuff is to be worn by uber skinny folks. Amisha needs to be told that there is a style other than short, too tight or a saree that is falling off. Would like to see her wear a draped dress for instance

  7. Umm is it me or is Sania wearing a knockoff of the D&G lace dress worn by Britney and JLO in the early 2000’s? You’d think she’d be able to afford the real deal. Horrible, horrible.
    Amisha is having a sort of mid-life crisis (I know she is not middle aged but surely is acting like it). Always trying hard to be sexy and always failing. Story of her life.

  8. i never like corset dresses…Though corset tops are still okay..
    They kind of attract attention to that place of body directly.
    Well i dont think sania or ameesha or other indian models have big ‘b—s’ .American models have much bigger sizes.
    And corset can be worn from lean to med types.
    Probally their faces are not that sexy

    Remeber what blouses jaya prada ,sri devi used to wear in old movies ,and rajput queens…
    Same things.

  9. amisha needs to stop wearing dresses that make her look like a hoochi mama..its too short anyway…it looks like its gonna burst out anytime soon ..Sania at least tone out the tan..the dress is a disaster…gawd awful disaster!

  10. i think she misread the invitation.LOL .Ameesha, ma dear, the invitation card said it was a lingerie show not that u should wear ur lingeire to the party!LOL
    P.S. from what i seen ameesha cant dress well save her life! and what with her face?lookss like she had some bad case of botox. she use to be so butifull. and now she looks the opposite she used to look like

  11. my oh my Sania, you really need some lessons on basic fashion!! That dress is so tight that I can even see your navel dent lol Are you able to breath in that outfit honey? Moreover, that lacy stuff is such a eye sore…talk about attitude huh?!

  12. between amisha and sania – i say sania looks better – for the simple reason that she’s a celeb not involved in fashion. amisha needs to know better…afterall a major part of her job is looking good (as well as acting ofcourse!!!).
    atleast sania fulfils her role as a tennis player. amisha completely fails to look good in any picture.
    sania can totally improve herself with the help of a professional stylist.

  13. wat on this earth is this …i dont even consider ameesha anything or nthing so i wont comment on her but this other tennis gurl wat on this earth is wrong with this one…
    the dress ewwww
    the make up ewww
    she herself ewwwwand moreover those fake tanning lines…
    bloody even if they are real tan lines cover them up whole industry covers thier Real faces under the make up so u can too do the same …
    wat a shame


    • uhhTAMARAl.. please stop cribbing about the tan lines. what do you expect – she’s a tennis player!! If you ask me I’d rather be a talented tennis player with tan lines than some DOLL who looks perfect.

  14. uhh Payal.. please stop cribbing about the tan lines. what do you expect – she’s a tennis player!! If you ask me I’d rather be a talented tennis player with tan lines than some DOLL who looks perfect.


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