A Quick Change

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So what do you do when you have back to back events to attend? You simply switch out your top like Ms Kaif here unlike others who wear the same thing.

So, which look do ya prefer? The informal silk tunic or the formal velvet jacket? (Or for some of you, neither! ;) )

P.S. Check out more of Katrina and Akshay from the event on our YouTube channel.

Art Exhibition
‘Singh Is Kinng’ Press Meet


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  1. now i know why her hair used to be in loose curls always… her new hairstyle… the kinda straight hair makes her look manly…and abt her outfit… the black is awful… the kurta is not so bad…

  2. yeah.. rem her without the makeup.. she really looked manly there.. i like the tunic.. the black looks like something adams family would wear.. and horrible shoes! it looks like rain wear!

  3. hey deewami, sista from another mother,
    you’ve stolen my thoughts!
    her old curls were much better for her long face, she needs to break it up visually. And i like the kurta, but the black I LOVE – for Halloween!!!

  4. kurta looks gud on her.. not so gr8 but she makes it work!!

    LOL @Chevalier.. Halloween is the right time of the yr for the black one :)

  5. same shoes in both pics hmm… same skinny and black pants… looks like she is in love with them… she wore those skinny black pants and those same shoes at Aam Sutra Slice Publicity Campaign In Hyderabad.

  6. OMg! She has finally disappointed me! What the heck is that black montrosity??!!! It looks like something is crawling upto her face! ackk!!

  7. with such a fabulous face and figure, disappointing she can’t pull off either look. maybe there’s something in the hair, as deewami said…

  8. the tunic is nice. some of these stars like katrina wear tons of make up such as foundation etc. i was working with gauhar khan years ago at a tv station and she took 2 hours to do her make up for shooting for 5 minutes.

  9. Zaini – you’re right, I was also thinking that her Namastey London hairstyle was different and it suited her. Her face is long and having long straight hair emphasizes that, I think she should get a haircut.

    I really don’t understand the fascination with Katrina, I find her so boring! She dresses older than her age, her interviews don’t show much of her personality but most frustrating of all, she CANNOT act yet she’s such a big thing! AND she’s always doing films with Akshay…arghgh!!


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