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Thrice As Nice

A splash in the sea it might be, but Akshay’s still doing his part with his Burberry! Bad rhyme aside, with rising production costs and publicity costing almost as much as the making of the movie itself, Akki must be quite the producers’ favorite with him having no qualms in recycling his wardrobe. Okay, so it’s just one trench and yes we say it in jest… But you get the drift don’t you? :p

Left: In Singh Is Kinng
Center: On Khatron Ke Khiladi TV Show
Right: In Tees Maar Khan

Photo Credit: ElleNow, Style

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From Reel Life To Concert

Spotted on Akshay at that ‘Chandni Chowk To Hong Kong’ Concert, the Rohit Bal eagle embroidered sherwani. No points for guessing what song he was dancing to! ;)

Do you remember who wore the sherwani on the runway? Click here to find out.

Left: Akshay Kumar, ‘Singh Is Kinng’
Right: ‘Chandni Chowk To Hong Kong’ Concert

Update: Swapped Pics.

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After a few bad appearances(like here,here and here), we are glad he is back!

He sure makes those sweater vests look goood! (Give me a min, while I wipe off that drool!)

akshay-singh-pink-vest.jpg akshay-bigg-boss-finale.jpg

Left: Akshay Kumar, ‘Singh Is Kinng’
Right: Akshay Kumar, Bigg Boss Finale

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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Letters: Katrina’s Dress

Hey P&P,
I know that animal print can be tricky to pull off but I really liked the dress that Katrina was wearing in Singh is Kinng (attaching pic), can you please tell me who that dress is by if its possible? 



Hey Namrata,
The dress worn by Katrina in that scene is a Dolce & Gabbana who are famous for using ‘animal-print’ in their collection. Remember the one worn by Shilpa and Malaika?

‘Singh Is Kinng’
Dolce and Gabbana Dress


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Doing ‘LBD’

Prachi Desai broke up her all black look with some color in the way of her bag while Shefali Shah decided to stick to all black… One kept it casual, the other went more formal! I do like the way they both wore their ‘lbd’s…

Prachi’s was young, casual and laid-back but she kicked it up a notch with her patent pumps; only wish she ditched the visible white straps.

I like the silhouette on Shefali, its very playful and feminine and accentuates her curves quite nicely!! And before everyone gets up in arms over Shefali’s look, let me explain why it works… The ‘A-Line’ silhouette of her dress works in drawing attention to her waist and taking the focus off of stomach and hips, while the all back color palette gives the overall look a more slimming appearance… (though this pic isn’t the most flattering, this was the only good full length I could find)

Prachi Desai
Shefali Shah

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