Freida in InStyle: Decoded

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Thanks to FreidaPintoFan, here are the editorial pics of Freida from the September 2010 issue of InStyle magazine showcasing several lace detailed outfits from Fall 2010.

Catch all of the pics from the magazine here

Rodarte, Fall 2010

Valentino, Fall 2010

Left: Burberry, Fall 2010
Right: Oscar De La Renta, Fall 2010

Left: Dolce & Gabbana
Right: Ralph Lauren

Photo Credit: FreidaPintoFan

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  1. I am liking the dreamy quality of the pics.
    But if the idea was to also showcase the clothes, i notice none except for the lacy black one.

  2. Pnp u failed to mention that its Instyle(US) Issue.I have Just read her inspiring interview to Oprah(O) magazine september issue where she talks about india’s fair skin obsession and struggle of dark skin models like her.It was very nice.

  3. fab, love :)
    and that too without garish photoshopping, i can’t believe how toned her arms and legs are , totally international-celebrity-status worthy.

  4. Doesn’t it look like as if she is trying to hide all the clothes …. bad photoshoot …. i can’t really see any of the dresses except the D&G one ….. and by the defensive pose, the stylist tried damn hard to hide that one too .

  5. Hmmm….in some pics she looks etheral…..and in others she looks like Tim Burton’s idea of “corpse bride”….if you are familiar with Tim’s obsession with the other worldly caricature of women, then you will know what I mean….

  6. Ok, i rephrase my What’s the obsession with whitening the face and body through photoshop? She looks like Rani Mukherjee in the last pic.


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