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When I first saw this Anaikka shoulder sling, besides thinking that the sling is a crazy idea, I couldn’t even imagine it looking good on anyone. Masaba changed that for me completely by pairing the gold sling with an all-white outfit. On her, I totally loved it although I doubt I could ever pull it off.

What I do unequivocally love though would have to be that necklace on Anupamaa. Also an Anaikka, I so wish I had jumped on when it was still on sale (on!

Left: Masaba Gupta at India International Jewellery Week
Right: Anaikka Shoulder Sling ( Buy )

Left: Anupama Dayal
Right: Masaba Gupta

Photo Credit: IndiaGlitz, Indiatimes

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  1. I’m liking masaba….. Something different but I love more what anupama’s wearing. It wud hv been great had she paired the chunky neckpiece with an off shouldered white or red short dress.

  2. I love the necklace on Anupama….But it looks familiar. Cant figure out where Ive seen it.
    On the other hand that contraption on Masaba is wierd but she carries it off nevertheless.


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