Day 2: Vikram Phadnis

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This is what I have been saying all along, give me a fresher perspective, give me a new twist, give me something that makes me sit back and go, yes, thats it! Vikram Phadnis does all that and then some! Color palette was brilliant, earthy browns and beiges, matt gold, deep burgundy, shimmery-gold-yellow and a metallic dust there, a shimmer here! He not only played with colors but also with textures! If there was a flowy dress, there was a quilted bolero jacket on top of it! And how fabulous is that yellow/gold dress? I loved the wide belts and structured embellished jackets!

And pay attention to the way the models were styled. Make-up was minimal, bare and fresh! Lips were light and eyes were not laden down! A trend am seeing in most shows!

Uber sexy. Uber glamorous! Loved the collection!

For more pictures of the show go Here


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