Day 1: Rina Dhaka

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I expected to be wowed by Rina Dhaka’s collection. It fell short by a bit! I enjoyed it, was pleasant, light, summery, fun and fresh! But found it quite lacking in imagination and newer perspective! Having said that, let me give you a blow by blow, of all that worked!

Colors were great, again those whites and sober metallics, blues, greens and pinks and sheer prints once again made an appearance! Prints, now thats a trend thats going to be big in Spring/Summer 2008, I predict!

I adored those long skirts and dresses in georgettes and chiffons..they had such a feminine, soft and flirty vibe without going overboard! And those short day dresses in blues, pinks and peachy/oranges? They screamed ‘young’ and ‘summer’! Also, I especially liked the long embellished sheer tunics teemed with capris!

But here’s the thing, there was not much to dislike in the collection because it was so safe. And then again, there wasn’t much to ‘wow’, because it was so safe!

For more pictures of the show go Here


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