Bipasha In Filmfare: (Un)covered

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Narendra Kumar Ahmed For Chivas Tour(right)

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Celina Jaitley For Narendra Kumar Ahmed, Mumbai Festival

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  1. I think Bips looks really nice in the first shot with the short dress..she carries it off well. Its interesting to see how the second dress looks two totally different colors on Celina and Bips!

  2. I like the first dress but her makeup and look makes her look so ordinary in the second photo. She looks absolutely plain..

  3. luv her in the 1st pic.
    2nd one she does look plain but still carry the dress much better than Celina who looks more like saying ‘here! I wore the dress..what’s next’

  4. Bips looking great in 1st picture even though hair styling and dress is not quite cohesive. By the way whats up with the model in first set of pictures? one look at her neck and it feels like model’s head on someone else’s body.

  5. Bipasha is lookin’ sexy in the first pic – just casual and chillax! Love the outfit and the hair!

    Second pic – not so good. Though, I must say I LOVE the color of the dress – so sexilicious!! Though, I cant say the same for bips but it is refreshing to see her with minimal makeup – maybe some bling would have made up for it.

  6. LOL Salzie!
    btw i also agree, it is so refreshing to see her with minimal makeup in the 2nd pic.

    the 1st pic is absolutely awesome!


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