When Not To Wear Satin

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We weren’t particularly fond of the satin gown on Udita at the Filmfare awards; didn’t think the color worked at all but she atleast had the body type to carry it off… Fast forward a few months down and there’s Shibani Kashyap donning a black satin gown at the ‘Kricket Se Kya Mila’ event and you get a crash course on ‘when not to wear satin’…

Bad. Bad idea.

May I now introduce you to Spanx?

Udita Goswami
Shibani Kashyap

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  1. How can someone make udita actress and a model she has so flat features, no expression, no posing style, no dressing style..just cause you have green eyes u get entry to bollywood ? She is so average!
    i liked her dress though but she failed to carry it nicely !


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