A Photo Shoot-Out!

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Three Magazines. Three Gorgeous Ladies. Three different Poses. Same Lanvin Dress. Who brought this dress most to life?

Sarah Jessica Parker for NYMag
Deepika Padukone for L’Officiel
Rene Zellweger for InStyle

Source, Source and Source

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  1. I would love to read what you ladies think of SJP’s dress at the world premier of the hottest chik flick “Sex in the City”

    Do a post on that, highheelhotties, please!!!

  2. SJP wins hands down .. theres no competition really! :) She pulls off those three poses with such charm and effervescence (spelling?) its hard to recreate that with Deepika and Rene in these shoots.

  3. SJP !! I love the shoes and the dress, just don’t like them together. I’m not a big fan of the red dress with blue shoes combo which was also recently spotted on Katie Holmes


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