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Daddy dearest (and never-aging) Anil shares the cover of Hello! Nov edition with daughters Sonam and Rhea, all dressed to their festive nines in Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla. Having seen Sonam do a lot of desi looks off late, we are able to take her in this avatar but Rhea, not really.

If you’ve followed Rhea in real life, you know her personal style is nowhere close to this. :) In a way, it did make for quite an interesting change.


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    • Haha .. !
      And yes, the cover is hilarious.. AK looks good as always, but the clothes / colors are too garish on the two ladies, and the expressions (or the lack of them) seem to be borrowed from Ms Kaif.
      Its like a pic taken on a boring day at home…

  1. Anil Kapoor looks good like always. Sonam well, she dresses up like this even off the cover, so nothing new. Rhea looks a bit hilarious , very sowcarpet-ish. :P

  2. Who celebrates Diwali like this?? The cover is such a forced – we are regal – you should be in awe of us mock-up. Would have loved to see simple and elegant. At least Anil Kapoor looks nonchalant..it’s amazing to see how he manages to draw eyes despite having two women half his age draped around ;)

    • Let me add that i find the reactions quite interesting. What is Rhea supposed to wear around Diwali time?Chanel? I must have been the only one to ever see her rock desi wear, i guess. :-)

  3. If it weren’t for these known faces, it could easily pass off as the suit design books you see at your local darzi. What a silly cover! There’s no styling: they just got the three together and made them sit.

  4. Anil kapoor comes out looking fantastic and he’s the clear winner by miiiiiiiiiiiles
    Didnt care for the colors or tylring on Sonam and Rhea, the latter did come off interesting in ths avtar like you say.

    AK you are the man!

  5. I was dying to read the comments of HHC readers when I first saw this cover on sonamkapoor’s IG. Just what I expected – Anil Kapoor: flawless; Sonam Kapoor: Cakey makeup; Rhea: Odd. Entire cover: WTH, Is it 1990 again? ;-)

  6. It’s a very force-ably marrying off my brood kind of vibe. Anil should have been in the middle and girls just styled a little differently. Traditional can be done without pulling in the wedding look.


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