Pairing It Differently

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The first time we saw the red Mary Janes on Zoya, we didn’t like it one bit. The bright blue paired with the red clashed way too much and the boring bag only made it worse. Fast forward to today and Zoya was spotted wearing the shoes so much better by having paired them with a black shirt dress. The pop of color in this ensemble was definitely appreciated. The mess from the Filmfare event, not so much.


Left: Zoya Akhtar at Filmfare Awards 2009
Right: Zoya Akhtar at ‘Vagina Monologues’ Bash

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. My !! Who pairs that blue with red shoes !!! Recipe for disaster !She looks SO MUCH like Farhan in the second pic . Almost like its him wearing the dress and shoes…

  2. she looks great :)
    Blue and red together can be very chic- very French…but, just not like that
    those shoes are very interesting, and add a whole lot of personality to that figure flattering (if not boring) black dress

  3. lol IndianGirl! they look scarily similar! and i second you, it looks like farhan donned a wig and made an appearance! lol…but they are siblings… :)

    One thing i realised with the blue dress is how much more top heavy it makes her appear, whilst the black dress makes her look like she’s normal…and yes those shoes look sooo much better with black, and oh so bad with the blue disaster!

  4. she is Farhans sis, very talented, very short, and very brave sense of dress, her best friend is Niharhika khan the designer, and you will see both and Audhuna wearing her clothes a lot.


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