The Second Time Around

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We thought Adhuna’s dress was quite quirky the first time around but her look in totality just hadn’t worked for us. The second time she didn’t fare any better either. Thank heavens for that arm candy that distracts a lil’ bit from those ghastly shoes.


Left: Adhuna Akhtar at Farah Khan’s Triplets Birthday Bash
Right: Farhan and Adhuna Akhtar at ‘Vagina Monologues’ Bash

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. OMG….WHat is that?? First and foremost the designs that look like they should be on some kids clothes look horrible. The length is horrible. Adhuna is a very sweet person. I saw her on “THe First Ladies”. I really like her but this dress does nothing for me. COme on Adhuna you can do better!!! Better luck next time….I respect the fact that shes trying to be unique but this is not the route to take.

  2. Everything about this woman screams bohemian. she’s cute. and that’s not arm candy – more like, okay, I can’t think of anything clever! haha!

  3. I know this may sound strange, but I <3 the kurta she’s wearing (I don’t think it’s a dress)! It’s so much like something you could pick up from the shop at MOMA, really….

  4. she’s quirky, she’s herself, and she’s certainly self assured and not trying to show off. i think she’s got style. even like the weird kurta she’s wearing.

  5. But but those shoes, with a highwasited ‘blair’ type skirt and leggings..I would work them.

    And..Adhuna’s Kaftan turned impossibly long kurta, turned a kindergarten crochet experiment MUST GO!

    Though seeing as she loves it so much, she can keep it if I can keep her husband.

  6. well I think she could’ve worked the dress/kurta whatever by first not wearing jeans or whatever shes wearing under it. And maybe wear a pair of gold or silver flats so it adds a lil shine to her outfit. i don’t think its a bad dress/kurta. It’s different and stylish. She just needs to wear it right! Also she could’ve added a nice long necklace or something more to add to her outfit…shes way too underdressed for an event and to be walking next to Farhan.

  7. She always looks super happy…but if I had eye-candy like that on my arm I would be too ;)
    The print is really quirky and could work but the cut is horrendous. The designer needs to apologize and give her a refund…like yesterday.

  8. Farhan is sooooooooo hot!!! just cant look past him..sorry i know i m meant to be commenting on the fashion side of things but he is just too cute :)


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