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Taking in Nishka’s show at the India Kids Fashion Week were Vishakha and Tamannah with the former wearing a Nishka dress and the latter Nishka separates.

Vishaka finished out her dress with a black bag and belt and brown oxford heels. In theory, all the elements work but in reality the black accessories clashed with the brown shoes and I am on the fence about those socks.

Tamannah’s look in comparison was a simpler one and she looked great. I do have a teeny gripe about the fit of the pants but it was just nice to see her in this avatar.


Vishakha Singh and Tamannah at Nishka Lulla’s Show
at India Kids Fashion Week

Photo credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. India kids fashion week…now you know things are turning absurd. And tamannah’s pants are atrocious. I am sure all nishka lulla has to do for this particular line is cut her designs in size, considering they are quite kiddish to begin with.

  2. But I really like Vishaka’s look! Tired of over-co-ordinated/ matchey celeb looks that feel forced and conscious. The black makes it look casual, relatable and original – this is what I would do on a work-day, in theory and reality.

  3. Like the looks, but the fit is off. The shirt is too tight, & the pants not well cut. This is something i´ve noticed, most modern designers do not know how to cut. they need to take classes for that, it makes all the difference.

  4. Not getting Vishakha’s dress with bits of cloth sticking out everywhere. Also can’t believe those pants are ‘designer’ made. It’s a travesty!


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