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Grazia’s March cover had Angela underwater in Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna separates and a Dior necklace. While Vogue put Priyanka on its cover in a Shivan and Narresh swimsuit and a Burberry cape. How do you think these covers stack up against each other?

vogue india-priyanka chopra-grazia india-march 2013

Left: Angela Jonsson For Grazia, March 2013
Right: Priyanka Chopra For Vogue, March 2013

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  1. Neither… The under water one fails to make an impact n PC looks like BB (bips) there’s nothing really new there…

    • Agree. Priyanka’s gorgeous but she evokes a type of glamour that’s not really relevant anymore. The other cover is more relevant and has a lot of potential but it’s kind of lifeless

  2. Love the fierce attitude Priyanka is giving on the cover. Pure Vogue! Will you be posting the shoot?
    But I love the shot of Angela’s!

  3. Grazia! how often do you get to see a underwater cover. Vogue looks good too but only because Indian mags don’t do a lot of swimsuit covers.

  4. Fashion is all about tkn Risks n m glad Grazia has done dat but i guess they pushed it too hard dis time that the msg of Easy Chic is lost somewhere, on the other hand there is dis Vogue’s oh so predictable cover neither high fashion nor hight brow which makes me yaaaaaaaawn. I guess this can mk a gud GQ Cover but not Vogue.

    N m Sick of seeing PC on Vogue over n over again that i lost d count.

  5. Is there a fold on priyanka’s Bottomsuit as it is loose (coz she has no flab at all on her ) or is it like they have it in some Arora designs, intentionally structured. Or am I too much of a pervert to observe only tht. Surely vogue can buy a fitting suit for her and please please get the hair right .

  6. Grazia: Underkill

    Vogue : Overkill

    Priyanka doesn’t look fresh ever, layers of make up, blown out hair and uncomfy short dresses. Chitrangada on the other hand achieves all this every single time. Her cover is a waste of space.

  7. That side panel on Grazia kills everything. Oh how gorgeous it would have been with just the glorious water, movement and light, all on a minimalist setting.
    Sigh! We’ll never know.

  8. Dislike both, especially the Vogue cover. PC is over-exposed. She is everywhere. I want her to go away for a year or two. Her fashion is tacky at best.

    • Ooh that would be such a RELIEF ! If only Bollywood cared abt how viewers feel … Seriously …. She needs to go away for at least a year …. AMEN !

  9. Whatever Priyanka is trying to do is so-much-on-your-face. I mean her waist and her hipster sort of shorts. everything is just on your face and in a bad way.

  10. I love PC. Beautiful face. The styling not so much. The separates just don’t look coordinated which is what is making it look tacky. they look like vastly diff materials as well. In fact PC’s own personal styling too needs a revamp. too much of the short dresses.


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