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Wearing a Jyoti Sachdev Iyer draped dress, Trisha attended the launch of a shopping channel recently. While I can’t fault the finishing touches, I just wasn’t a fan of the outfit itself. The faux peplum is supposed to define the waist but it just came off doing the opposite.

Were you a fan of the dress?


Trisha Krishnan at Shop CJ Tamil Launch

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  1. Trisha is always featured here when she is not turned out well. There are so many nice appearances of hers which are not featured here. Check her instagram pics.

  2. Oh dear!! Why does she do this to herself!!? She should just chuck her stylist and self style all of her looks.
    @Sapphire – I think she looks good in her instagram and twitter pics cos they are taken when she is out and about just being herself, with her friends and not when been coerced into this kinda look!!

    • Exactly. I observed she hired 3 stylists from Hyderabad for various events. 3 of them did a bad job styling her. She should get rid of them and self style her looks until she finds a great stylist. The pics in her twitter and instagram where she styled herself are so great. She looks much better when she is not styled by a stylist and when she is just being herself.

  3. Her look, make up, costume everything is a disaster. She is a very beautiful girl, have seen her up close,. That stylist gotta go pronto!


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