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Wearing a purple dress from The Source, Pranitha attended the launch of Longines’ latest store in Bangalore. Given the variety of designers we have, wearing a bandage dress in this day and age just seems a bit of a cop-out.

As for this appearance, a more interesting pair of footwear and we might be singing a different tune.

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Pranitha Subhash at Longines Launch in Bangalore

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  1. Has she pinned her bra to the dress or is that flash tape? She should have just ditched this dress and opted for something comfortable.

  2. Bandage dress has already been done to death and it does not even work on her body. She seems mighty comfortable too. And those shoes. Lol.

    • If you notice most of the Desi celebs (even others irl) will wear a size or two larger if it is pumps or closed shoes. Looks like clothes sizes they get smaller and the shoes bigger. :P


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