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Considering Ms. D’Souza has already spoilt the look with that blonde streak, guess we really don’t need a full-length pic to decide who wears this Mango denim dress better, do we now?

P.S. Is Tara off the Zee After Hours show? Because, if she is still the host, we are surprised her producers let her host with the hair like that. :P


Left: Tara D’Souza at Indigo Launch
Right: Sameera Reddy at Shamita Shetty Birthday Bash

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

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  1. yieeeeekksss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1…what the hell is this???
    how do they step out looking like this????
    (refering to Ms. D’Souza) ohhhh god

  2. who’s tara d’souza??anyway,i think tara looks more comfortable in that dress…sameera looks like she had to wrestle to get into it and is holding her breath and/or sucking in her tummy :P


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