Dressing Up Simple

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While Tania gave her simple white sheath dress a touch of glamour with a traditional necklace and a python Gucci Hysteria clutch, Twinkle dressed up her black jersey dress with a peacock pendant, red pumps and a black quilted Chanel satchel.

Whose look did you prefer? Our pick is Tania. ( We love Twinkle’s necklace but her dress was a tad bit too long! )


Left: Tania Deol at Lakme Fashion Week
Right: Twinkle Khanna at Samsaara Spring Preview


Left: Gucci Hysteria Clutch
Right: Chanel Quilted Clutch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. twinkle’s necklace is a bit strange, and i also do not like the red shoes. love her bag though!

    tania fares better, but not by much (not a fan of the python hysteria). but that might also have to do with the photograph itself.

  2. I think the red pumps worn by Twinkle was a bit loud….a nice slip on heels in animal print (black n white stripes) would have looked gorgeous with the LBD.

  3. I don’t think Twinkle is too skinny o_O she looks great to me!
    they both look great actually, but I have to pick Twinkle because I WANT THAT NECKLACE!
    …I have a thing for peacocks ;)

  4. Any idea where Twinkle’s dress is from? The red heels are an odd choice–to loud for the outfit. I don’t like either neckpiece worn by either lady but they look toned and slim….sometimes that is really all you need most of the time to carry off an outfit!

  5. I simply love Twinkle’s look. I can understand why commenters here have not liked the shoe choice much, but for me the look comes together perfectly. Jazzing up a plain dress with unusual accessories is a fine art. :-) I didn’t like that dark clutch with the white dress on Tania, although her necklace is pretty.

  6. i agree with ngm82 that nude pumps would have been nicer than the red.
    but if the dress was shorter or sexier, maybe the red could work.

  7. Tania looks fab. L-O-V-E her dress & it her necklace looks amazing paired with that outfit. I would have picked a different bag & heels but she doesn’t come off too badly!
    I didn’t recognise Twinkle!! She doesn’t look well =[. She doesn’t look like her usual stunning & fresh self. Her outfit is not flattering. & that bag looks like a cosmetic case!! Her necklace is nice but clashes with her neckline. It should either be above or below the neckline – not resting on the neckline.

  8. Twinkle is one hell of a gorgeous woman! and i love that necklace of hers.
    i have that dress, only mines esprit, hers must be some high end brand i can only dream of having. *sighs*

  9. I hope she stop with this weight lose thing because she is losing her glow, her style is at the top I just like whatever she wears how she wear it how she acceesories and how she carry it, she has my taste in cloths

  10. What’s wrong with twinkle’s shoes? I really don’t see how they are ‘loud’, they go perfectly with the monochromatic black dress she wore.

    Adding a splash of color through shoes or statement jewelery is a great way to spice up the outfit, and she did it well by keeping the rest of her look basic, especially the subdued makeup :) Same with Tania, she kept everything basic, and added a splash of color through her necklace

  11. Other women in bollywood should take tips from these ladies, because I always notice how they over accesorize and match too much. Always keep everything simple, and focus on one piece, be it a clutch, pumps, jewelery…

  12. Wow…Twinkle seems to going Kareena’s way with size 0. On an aside, I wish Women would embrace some curves and fat. You know regular women just feel like crap about themselves cause we have neither the interest or time to spend hours at the gym everyday and its so hard to resist snacks when you buy them fro the hubby and kid.

  13. Yes, normally a splash of colour through clutch, pumps, jewellry is fine.. but in this case Twinkle’s statement piece is her peacock pendant, and that’s her splash of colour.. a little gold eyeshadow with peacock blue liner on the bottom or edges of her eyes (just a litttleee bit) and nude/beige coloured shoes. These red shoes don’t go with the necklace and they’re too shiny for the dress.

  14. sorry after nude/beige coloured shoes add **would have been great** I love when people play with makeup (not in a clown way!)..matching eyeshadow to clothes is a no no but matching eyeshadow to accessories I like :) (not all the time)


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