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Hella OK. Hella Good.

We loved Mugdha’s color clash but didn’t quite dig Udita’s pinstriped-puffed sleeve-frilly look. No points for guessing who was hella good amongst these two!


P.S. Is that a heart bracelet I spot on Udita? She does love to add a touch of the “tween” element to every outfit!

udita_ada.jpg mugdha_madhur.JPG
udita_ada_11.JPG mugdha-godse-jun221.jpg

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When Not To Wear Satin

We weren’t particularly fond of the satin gown on Udita at the Filmfare awards; didn’t think the color worked at all but she atleast had the body type to carry it off… Fast forward a few months down and there’s Shibani Kashyap donning a black satin gown at the ‘Kricket Se Kya Mila’ event and you get a crash course on ‘when not to wear satin’…

Bad. Bad idea.

May I now introduce you to Spanx?

Udita Goswami
Shibani Kashyap

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Match Point

It is not the first time that we’ve seen Udita do turquoise, but the last time that we did see her in it, we made a recommendation, and she seems to have heard it! (Ok, so its a coincidence but we choose to believe otherwise!!)

What she wore recently is still a bit matchy for us, the necklace, the bracelet, the shoes (and what we suspect from some pictures, even the innerwear!!)… as long as everything is in the same color family it works and a lil’ bit of contrast never hurt but excessive coordinating is way too last decade!!

And wearing fashion jewelry as a set (necklace+bracelet+earrings) is such a no-no! Perhaps next time she can keep the turquoise beads and pair it with a silver cuff??

Nov, 07

Apr, 08

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How To: Wear Bright Colors

Kashmira @ All India Achievers

Udita @ Filmfare Awards

Nothing better than a dash of color on the red carpet. It is a welcome change, specially when the eyes are tired of seeing the same ole LBDs. Somehow though, what seemed like a good idea on paper just doesn’t seem right in reality, as seen in the case of Kashmira and Udita.

The idea, though, was executed perfectly, by Cate and Sarah, who also wore bright colors and pulled it off without looking ridiculous! Their secret? Stay away from satin, when wearing such a color!

Cate Blanchett

Sarah Michelle Gellar

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