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Hella OK. Hella Good.

We loved Mugdha’s color clash but didn’t quite dig Udita’s pinstriped-puffed sleeve-frilly look. No points for guessing who was hella good amongst these two!


P.S. Is that a heart bracelet I spot on Udita? She does love to add a touch of the “tween” element to every outfit!

udita_ada.jpg mugdha_madhur.JPG
udita_ada_11.JPG mugdha-godse-jun221.jpg

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From Fab To Drab

Its always suprising to me when someone does a complete 180 in a matter of days. Case and point, Sandhya Mridul, who looked so good in the outfit worn at the Shanghai Film Festival and then a few days later was seen in this “chamku” black number!

Sandhya, June 25, “Ada” Music Launch
Sandhya, June 22, 11th Shanghai Film Festival


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