Hella OK. Hella Good.

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We loved Mugdha’s color clash but didn’t quite dig Udita’s pinstriped-puffed sleeve-frilly look. No points for guessing who was hella good amongst these two!


P.S. Is that a heart bracelet I spot on Udita? She does love to add a touch of the “tween” element to every outfit!

udita_ada.jpg mugdha_madhur.JPG
udita_ada_11.JPG mugdha-godse-jun221.jpg

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  1. i prefer udita’s ensemble..

    the other chick’s outfit is something i got over wearing like 6 months ago..except i used to wear better belts..

  2. LoL nik.

    i actually like udita’s ensemble too. it’s different to what the style was sometime ago. plus her darker makeup looks better than the washed out look.

  3. Mmm.. I would go with Payal too.. that dressy top some how doesn’t catch my eye..besides I feel Mugdha’s dress has a classic look

  4. not too fond of uditas shirt.. though i like her skirt and shoes and her legs look real good. mugdha is wearing priyanka chopra style clothes , what priyanka used to wear a year back, the high waist skirts.. although i lokve the shape its giving mugdhas body..


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