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Tabu sightings are far and few between and while sometimes we get a great look most times we get bad ones. This appearance belonged to the latter category. I don’t know what I dislike more, the ill-placed brocade bust or the ribbon-like skirt that looks like it went through a shredder.

Let’s just pretend we never had a Tabu sighting today, shall we?


Tabu At Warning Premiere

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. yes! i think let’s forget this just like some of the wierd horror movies she starred in a few years ago..this looks like a promo for Ek thi Dayan type of movie…she’s such a gorgeous woman and usually so well dressed.

    • You really have a bone to pick when it comes to Vidya Balan! May I ask what has she done to deserve this? In all the posts where the ladies dress in a not-so-good way, you pull Ms. Balan into it!

      • Don’t go all Karan Joharish movie on me for this.* Sniff sniff*. Please refer to the post right below this, the answer is staring right at you.:)

  2. oh i used to play with the old lipsticks this color when i was young form my moms closet ..looks like the look is shredding itself … awful..

  3. She looks like a character right out of Pride and Prejudice ,with puffed sleeves and the long gown.But somehow she looks calm and serene.I guess she is pretty comfortable in the dress!


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