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Soniya channeled a princess look (her words not ours) in a beige Zara dress with a handmade floral headdress. I am all for a flirty/feminine look but this one feels much too cute for my taste. You like?

Soniya Mehra at Farah Khan Ali’s Show
At India International Jewellery Week

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. uugh like pls! she looks like shes playing a 3 yr old! wat does this chic do anyway except dressing up and landing at all the parties??

    • this ‘chic’ is an actress or so Im told. why do so many comments bear such an arrogant and superior attitude? you can just ask politely you know. just because some one is featured on this blog, it doesnt mean it is justified for you to make them a target of rude comments

  2. Doesnt look like a princess avatar to me.. A full-length gown would have helped may be ..

    she luks ok otherwise..the color is boring for my taste..

  3. Ooohh that’s a stylish girl. You have to give her props for always changing it up and being different each time. Different shoes would have looked better though.

  4. I think you’re all being to harsh on the girl. I think she’s carrying this look off rather well -even though I personally wouldn’t wear this I think it’s nice that she’s always varying her outfits

  5. *snicker* princess of what? of the playpen maybe… I agree with pooja and kiwi. This is a case of either/or. Headband or skirt. Seems the headband shud be worn pushed back a little farther.


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