Making The Most Out Of It?

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…And by IT, we mean these Wendell Rodricks outfits that were seen at the Gitanjali Show and also at the Queenie For Giantti show. (Does this mean one set of people was wearing clothes worn already by the other set? On the same day! Eeeks!!!)

Meenu Shorayen, Sayali Bhagat, Tarina Patel and Surveen Chawla
at Gitanjali Show, India International Jewellery Week

Queenie for Giantti Show, India International Jewellery Week

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Umm…I don’t think it’s that unheard of! I mean even while shopping several people try on the same piece of clothing. The models wear the clothes for a short period of time, I would assume that they would still be “clean”.

  2. oh no!!! that is Sacrilegious…. the same clothes worn by different people and that too on the same day. What about the sweat in arm pits?
    It might be a norm for common people but these models are presenting something. I would never resort to this even if I am cash starved . But thats my personal opinion !

  3. i think they use different clothes..One set for gitanjli show another set of same clothes for giantii ghow..Using same clothes/sharing doesn’t sound convincing to me.


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