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Sonam caught a showing of Masaan wearing printed Jodi Life separates with an oversized navy blazer, her Chloe Baylee tote and black loafers.

She looked rather cute. You like?


Sonam Kapoor at Masaan Screening

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. those glasses look terribly awful, not sure why you find the look cute? really? sometimes I feel that Sonam is a guest blogger on your site logging just on her sightings :))

  2. she’s so pretentious..nothing about this “look” seems genuine or her..everything is a dress up opportunity to her

    can the real Sonam please stand up?

  3. Nothing wrong with the look. I just find it annoying how she has to be so elaborately styled just to look cute. Nothing is ever effortless about her looks. Anushka, Kangana could have managed to look just as cute with half the effort.

  4. Those glasses are ridiculous. And not in a good Red Foo kinda way. Remember that saying to take one thing off before you leave the house? Yeah.

  5. What is with the glasses? She takes the gimmicky part a bit too far – if the glasses were better sized for her face, it wouldn’t look so try hard.

  6. Here for it! This so typical Sonam, the 70s eyewear is a very funky touch. Quirky factor nailed 100%! & it´s never not hilarious how folks (who just don´t like her) come for her sense of style every time she does the unexpected. LOL

  7. Wow, vicious comments. Give her break. Sonam has pretty bad eyesight and generally she has always preferred to wear really large frames. The surprise in this matter is that it’s an unusual shape…but then that’s Sonam, after all.
    Her outfit is cute, she wears it well, and those loafers are to die for.

  8. Those glasses are ridiculous. And I hate this whole ‘jealous haters’ comments. We are here to provide our opinions. Just because you don’t like what you read doesn’t mean those people are haters or jealous. Grow up.


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