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For her latest red carpet appearance, Sonakshi dipped into mom Poonam’s closet for a sari, a move that we not only approve of, but one with which we are very familiar ourselves! ;) However, we do wish she had picked something different to wear since this look seems to have aged her just a tad.

But then again, we’d much rather see this any given day of the week over what Urvashi inflicted on our poor unsuspecting eyes.

Seriously, that’s what she (Urvashi) wore?? And, it wasn’t even for a Dare?! Wow!

Sonakshi Sinha at Zee Cine Awards 2011

Urvashi Sharma At Zee Cine Awards 2011

Photo Credit: SuperAdrianMe

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  1. Gosh, Sonakshi looks so pretty!! Yes, the saree is kinda dated, but she looks very sweet. She should have put her hair back to show the details of the blouse.

  2. I think the saree is lovely and she wore is very very well ! LOVE. What seems to have aged her is the hair and make up. A light fringe/bangs and a messy braid or french plait would have been a different story.

  3. Sonakshi looks gorgeous! Love the sari, absolutely love the high neck blouse. Such a refreshing change from the MMs, Sabyasachis (thanks a mill, Vidya), and bikini blouses.

  4. I like Sonakshi’s look…even if it makes her look a little older. When you are young enuff…Its fashionable to ‘try’ n look old enuff :P

    As for Urwashi… I think she might’ve taken a hit on her head…nothing else can explain her look…in this day and age anyway!

  5. I actually prefer Urvashi’s sari, just not the way she draped it. So I go for Sonakshi. I agree the sari does age her a bit. Anusha Dandekar was on the red carpet. I thought she looked very pretty in her nude/pink sari. Falguni & Shane Peacock?

  6. Though sonakshi ends up lukin gorgeous evry time…
    but frankly m BORED of her same old sari n open hair luk….
    she’s so young …she must experiment…..

  7. sonakshi looks gorgeous expect her high collar neckline blouse. uravashi might as well as worn a bikini instead of this saree.


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