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At the Filmfare Awards, Kajol looked sharp in her Marmar Halim gown. Smokey eyes, sleek ponytail and Outhouse earrings rounded out the look well. If there was a thing we could change, it would’ve been those chunky sandals; weighs down the look unnecessarily. Jury’s still out on the eye make-up though… Still waiting for better images to come through so check back later!


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  1. Either the eye make up is really bad or it got smudged on the way to the show. Also, sharp is not a word I would associate with this look. Kajol looks uncomfortable and is not owning the look.

    Sharp was how Khushi Kapoor was looking in her suit.

  2. Those shoulders are very 80’s and I wish they had been less like shoulder pads and more gentle to allow the upper part of the gown to gel with the rest.

  3. Length is too long. Eye make up is meant for only side posing from the front it looks bad. This is classic Kajol, tries something modern and then can’t resist adding something from the 80s, vis-a-vis chunky sandals and shoulder pads. Final verdict, epic fail. She should stick to her MM chiffon sarees.

  4. Kajol is a spunky, beautiful, unpredictable woman so it’s sad to see her trying to look fierce and failing. As with other 90s heroines — Shilpa, Madhuri — she wants to be with it but can’t resist the safety of the familiar from their heydays (the shoes, the jewellery, the cinched waist here) and just ends up wearing all the effort on their faces.

    • well said..I was about to note down a similar thought. The 90’s actress..very few have been able to successfully transition into the new millennium with their choice of fashion.

  5. Poor eye make up. But she carries it with elan. Dress is bit busy around waist, could have been compensated by simple black high heels sandals.


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