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It was a shimmery Zara Umrigar gown for Kriti while at the awards event last evening. Matching earrings and pair of strappy metallic sandals rounded out the actor’s look. Like what you see?

Kriti Sanon At Filmfare Awards 2019

Photo Credit: PR Provided

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  1. This really work for her – she looks young, the color is great, it shows off her height, the shoes are appropriate and most importantly the lighting is controlled. What also works for her is that we don’t have a background behind her flashing VIMAL and VLCC.

    • Could not agree more on the point about the background and the awful lights at the redcarpet. I understand that weddings and other private events do not manage to give the media a nicely lit area for pictures (think, Ambani events etc). But I cannot understand why award functions and other professional events cannot manage a decently lit red carpet, and everyone ends up looking so awful! Could it be because it is expensive? Or just because none thinks of it??
      Surely it sucks for the designers their clothes end up looking abysmal. That is why Katrina’s red dress or Sonam’s satiny pink gown look so bad, while they may have looked fantastic in real.

      • Well, in my opinion, most of these events/award shows/ dance shows do not budget for these things (for reasons I shall avoid delving into) or have the requisite foresight on such possibilities. It is just easy to call the photogs and paps and set up a “red carpet”. You will see that most actors have, therefore, taken to pre-shoot their outfits and publish them on their social media handles in order to avoid the curse of the flash on the red carpet. That said, Sonam’s satiny pink gown was beyond redemption so I don’t think the poor paps should be to blame.

  2. This is so beyond gorgeous. She looks incredible – and yes my god that backdrop makes SUCH a difference.
    It’s bizarre that these functions/ events dont take the time to sort this pretty major detail out. To me, when you see celebrities being photographed in front of clean, chic backdrops (like above) it really elevates the even in question to me. Not to mention, it does the clothes and the people wearing them justice.

  3. Looks like her stylist has taken all the underwhelmed outfit looks feedback in. This is the best look from Kriti off late . Love the gown yhe colour and finishing touches.

  4. Love the color.. but like someone stated in previous posts, she makes it boring. And yeah whatever happened to posing straight or sexier, in high slits without forcing a leg out just to show off the high cut!

  5. The gown, the color is fab on her. She look gorgeous!
    But I am itching to tuck that hair behind her ear. As its not a natural fall and look rather forced.

  6. She looks divine. No complains. But yeah just my opinion, a little bit of spunk could have been added through shoes or hairpins. Nonetheless, one of the great dressed for the night.

    • OMG!Exactly my thoughts. I was going through the comments and thinking, maybe its just me – but this girl adds nothing to the outfits. She is the perfect model in that sense isnt she..? Wont/Cant steal the focus from the garment! I know this is a fashion blog, and this maybe is a shallow critique; but this beautiful girl would benefit from exploring her own style and figuring it out for herself.


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