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Alia picked a Ralph & Russo Couture as well for her turn on the red carpet. But unlike Sonam, she had better luck with her choice of gown. A simple updo and sun-kissed/glow-y make-up complemented the gown well. She looked good.

Check back later for more pics.

Alia Bhatt

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  1. Sorry, the corset like design looks very tacky. Don’t understand the compulsion to look older than she is. Instead of looking like a siren (which is clearly the intent) she looks like a kid playing dress up. Prefer her easy breezy style which brings out her youthfulness.

  2. They have made sure that your eyes don’t wander beyond that straitjacket of a corset. Anyways, the rest of the gown is an ugly mess too so why bother.

  3. Not a fan! The corset bust looks really bad. Not sure if the lighting is too harsh or the pictures are not of good quality, but everything looks tacky and cheap. And is that the best background they could come up with for one of the most prestigious award ceremonies of the Indian film industry?

  4. I do not mind the corset but hate the way the gown puddles on the floor especially at the back. The designer would be better served if they would alter these outfits

  5. I disagree P & P, I do not think she looked good here. If we take away from the fact that she is Alia – and look at this appearance as a red carpet look – I feel the chips would begin to fall. This gown isn’t meant for someone of her proportions. The waist has disappeared and the skirt is just a pool of bundled fabric. This isn’t because suffering Alia fatigue of seeing her literally everyday on these pages – I do believe there is a red carpet/public appearance identity crisis going on that’s not doing her any style favours.

  6. Ralph and Russo was my fav designer all these years. But their whole spring 19 collection is total dissappointment.
    Comming back to the above outfit this looks tackiness redefined. Something Disha would have opted for.
    Alia could have picked something from designers’ older collection

  7. I feel bad for her cause when she wears something floral (like what she did for the Zee Cinema Awards) everyone bashes her for wearing clothes that are too young and want her to experiment. And when she does people call her out for trying to hard :/


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