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Sneha Ullal sure takes the cake when it comes to mop tops! Lets not even get into the denim bolero. Shudder.



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  1. actually. she is looking like a normal person.. seriously do tell me whats wrong with what she is wearing?

    btw, is she still a celebrity?!?!

  2. Oh no no no no and just once more a big NO…the bolero is disastrous and so is the hair. Me thinks she may be trying too hard to NOT look like Aish, well no worries there coz she def doesn’t and even if she tries, she def won’t!!

  3. Actually her hair just looks that way from too much scratching. Of course, I’m only guessing…look at the red butterfly clip she’s just removed (it’s on the bolero). Guess she needed both her hands for the job.

  4. all the oldies wont like it here…this is the in look…the hair..eevrythin v fine…jus like a freak..punk…sersly dont over do it ppl..

  5. where was this picture taken? Cuz I heard she was spotted um..at a hotel I think with her friends and they were just in casual gear.. jeans and a t-shirt.. and people started taking her photos and afterwards she was overheard saying to her friend worriedly “do you think I look too young?”…and that’s my random comment of the day lol


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