Not Quite.

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After shining on the red carpet at so many premieres, it is disappointing to see Sonam in this sequin number. I love sequins when done right but the cap sleeves and the silhouette of this dress don’t impress much.

It’s a ‘Not Quite’ for me. What about you?


Sonam Kapoor at ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ Premiere in Mumbai

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Her make-up makes her look slightly older but I like the dress…it looks great on her! I didn’t like the sleeves at first but I don’t mind them anymore :)

  2. I think the dress is daring and beautiful – everything that Sonam is! She’s able to carry it off quite well! The hair is also fab although the makeup doesnt quite go with everything else.

  3. i think she looks soo good! def fab=] her hair is gorgeouss. in love with it. the eye make up could have been better. but i think she pulls off the dress pretty well!!

  4. the dress may not be her best but she looks great, i love that she tries new things..and i think she fixed up her hair color which is good..cuz it was quite bad at the delhi 6 photocall in dubai..and i think shes wearing manolo blahniks on her feet?

  5. All black and shiny, but she pulls off the look effortlessly. Hair could have been better, but that chiseled face makes up for it. Gorgeous!

  6. LOVE the dress
    hate the hair and makeup- I agree, she looks a bit like Jiah here
    it’s such a statement making dress, she should have played down the hair and makeup

  7. I didn’t like her hair when I first saw it… in one of the first few pics posted of her.. I thought she looked much better with the black with her skin tone..I’m not liking the lighter parts (by her ear) but her hair is really gorgeous here. Not typical Bollywood heroine at all (Very “Bipasha” from Dhoom 2..hers was like the runway version and Sonam’s is the …non-runway…whatever you call it) Sonam is very keen on being different.. it is actually quite refreshing. She’s doing a good job of marketing herself in my opinion. (Which she needs to do seeing as how Deepika is just total beauty and came out at the same time)

  8. P & P – usually I pretty much agree with the two of you, but this time I just have to differ.
    I was actually at the premiere, saw her, and she looked fab. I dont think the pictures do justice to the dress or her.
    Just my opinion.

  9. she totally looks so bad here.. just like the last appearance at indian idol..
    wayyy too much makeup.. that hair and that dress.. those ugly sleeves…

    she does look a bit on healthier side again.. not that is bad.. just pointing out…camparing to magazine covers where she looks so skinny

  10. i think she looks amazing! i actually think that she carries off the dress really well and with a lot of confidence and i love that eye make up and her hair…

  11. Sorry PnP…I also have to disagree. I LOVE how she looks….but I too am biased towards her! I would soo wear that dress and i’m definitely not into blingy items…it’s so young/hip. And….GORGEOUS tresses! I would just ease up on the eyes…

  12. Long hair is good, why shud she cut it? I’m quite bored of the standard “bollywood length”.
    She looks pretty but its those sleeves and that ghastly eye shadow that make this look “Not Quite”.


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