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How can there be a premiere without at least one WTHeyyy!

And committing the WTHeyyy at this event were our regular WTHeyyy duo Divya and Tulsi. The more I see Divya the more I feel that when she picks her bags, she just blindly goes ‘Eenie Minnie Minie Moe’ and picks it up whether it coordinates with her outfit or not.

Of course, the less said about Tulsi the better. She only brings back bad memories, memories we really could do without!

Update: Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, you get a view of Divya’s shiny pants and Tulsi’s denims!

divya-kumar-tulsi-slumdog-premiere1.jpg divya-tulsi-slumdog1.jpg

Divya Kumar Khosla and Tulsi Kumar at ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ Premiere in Mumbai

Update: Added Pic.

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Who are these two? They look totally clueless about fashion. Why is Divya stretching her eyes open like that, as if auditioning for a horror film?!

  2. can someone suggest divya get a stylist so she doesn’t load on all the brands she owns at one go! tell her to step away from the logo-ed belts and bags…please.

  3. Divya seems to be suffering “noveau riche -Brand Sufering” syndrome.
    Her outfits always scream “LOOK AT ME (with all the branded)
    What a waste of such pretty face.

  4. i must admit – i always look forward to Divya cos with each outfit of hers when i feel that she cannot go any worse, she comes back & surprises me !

    BTW, get a picture of Sonali Kulkarni from the premiere – u’ll see another WTHeyyy

  5. Shiny pants-check.
    blingy top-check.
    logo overdose-check.
    ugly bag-check.
    denim with weird length-check.
    see through top-check.
    The haven’t missed out anything that merits a wthey.
    Such a beautiful face, and such awful style sense. Well, one person can’t have everything. That’s God’s way of levelling things a bit.

  6. she deserves the WTHeyyy!!!..award of the century…for the most pathetic …gaudy…zhing-pang….sense of dressing….she is soo funny..OMG look at that bag…pura cartoon lagti hai..


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