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Rekha, wearing a sari in her own inimitable ott-style, filmed an episode of a television show recently. Like it or not, you definitely have to hand it to her for staying on brand consistently and without a miss.

Rekha On Rising Star Sets

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I do like! She’s timeless, ageless, matchless. Yes, she’s over-the-top, one-note, all of that, but she’s inimitable and she WERKS it.

  2. How pretty would she look in light chiffon sarees and open hair, minus the heavy jewellery? Can somebody tell her for me please? sigh!

  3. If she had done her hair differently and lose the heavy duty jewelry, this would have been a great saree outing given how gorgeous the saree is.

  4. Looks really bad, almost clownish
    I think someone needs to tell her how bad the ott looks turn out as. Its wrong to justify this as her signature style when it looks consistently bad. Emperors new clothes syndromfy

  5. I really don’t ever know how I feel about a Rekha sighting except to shrug and say, ‘Yup, its Rekha doing a Rekha’. Her OTT everything is such a big part of her, I don’t/can’t imagine her in anything except this OTT stuff with the big red lip and so much makeup.
    The hair is the sore point. The teal/turquoise color is gorgeous though!

  6. I’m dying to see her in
    1) A simple chiffon saree with neat open hair
    2) A flowing maxi dress with hair tied in a top not
    3) A simple cotton kurta with palazzo pants.

    I hope she or her stylist is listening.

  7. Yes we all say it’s Rekha being Rekha and it works for her, but I still secretly wish that Waheeda and Sharmila would stage an intervention.


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