Heavy Metal!

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If Bips and Tanya couldn’t pull it off, could these ladies do any better?

Sania Mirza, ‘Jack & Jones’ Launch
Jasmine Dawda, Maxim 100 Party

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  1. Wow, nice site. Glad I bumped into it while looking for Maison Martin Margiela – Covered-Heel Wedge Sandal.

    Anyway, i think Jasmine Dawda pulls it off. The leggins just doesn’t work.

  2. u know what makes me happy?
    i bought something some months ago, for $7 to wear at a fancy dress thing…the same material as Sania’s…and i rocked it! (wel i tried to be humble, but didn’t know how else to put it ll)

    ladida…i pay $7 and they all pay so much more.

    woot woot!

  3. Sania looks pretty from waist up. The other gal’s pose says she’s trying too hard. Tanya looks hehahaha funny and Bipasha – I don’t have words to describe. ugh!

  4. jesus can sania pls look again in the mirror bfr stepping out wats up wth the cheap shimmiring silver thing especaily whn u cant carry it off,surprisingly she dost even have a good figure despite bieng a sportswomen!

  5. I am possibly one of the few who don’t find Sania Mirza extraordinarily beautiful or chic…She just seems to be trying too hard most of the times with the proverbial nose-ring, black-rimmed glasses and the usual “hip” accessories….

  6. Mahak, I don’t think there’s any link between being a sportsperson and having a “good figure”…THink Serena Williams, Lindsay Davenport, and you’ll know…I think being a sportsperson implies you have loads of stamina, muscle, low body fat, and most importantly a strong body…That doesn’t necessarily translate into a “good figure”..Muscle, at any rate, weighs more and appears bulkier than one would think..


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