Seeing Double!

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At the ‘Re’ Spring 2009 preview, spotted on Nina, a very obvious knock-off of the mesh Dolce and Gabbana dress.

Don’t know though who Nina was wearing, but we do prefer the one without the embellishment. If you know who she was wearing, HOLLER!


Left: Dolce and Gabbana Mesh Overlay Dress
Right: Nina Manuel at ‘Re’ Spring 2009 Preview

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  1. okay a word of advise to designers, do you see that half circle lines right under boobs which makes that part looks like a bra, PLEASE DONT DESIGN IT THAT WAY, first of all the half circles are too small and makes any women’s upper body appear small and flat, second it ruins the dress and give it a Mulan Rouge type of a hype, it makes it trashy and look more like a night gown rather than a classy dress, I mean look at the Nena and how her upper body some how looks shrinked due to those half circle lines under the girls

  2. either way, it’s a pretty awful dress… the D&G original could have passed off as innerwear if it weren’t for the sunray pattern. and nina herself goes down in my regard for wearing such a blatant knock-off… she should know better. (like preity in dior/surily)

  3. This dress is disastrous including the original. D&G should name it the “mess overlay dress”. The original looks somewhat better than the copy with its cheap lining presentation.


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